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Best-Dressed Greek Salad Set

Best-Dressed Greek Salad Set

Give the best of Greece with this exquisite gift set!

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Cold Fused Lemon Greek Olive Oil

Tastes like nothing else, because it’s made like nowhere else. From olives and lemons grown and hand-picked on the Liokareas family-orchard. The lemons are then hand-sliced and pressed together with the olives in the olive mill during the cold-fusion process to provide a refreshing twist to your favorite dishes. 250ML bottle.

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One 8.45 oz bottle of early harvest extra virgin olive oil, crafted from early, unripe fruits to bring a bright, crisp bitterness and full flavor to any dish. Winner of many international awards. Limited production.

Greek Dried Oregano

Greek oregano, mountain-grown and dried in the sun. 1 oz jar.

Greek Sea salt

Mediterranean Sea salt, all-natural and unrefined. Bright white crystals with some darker crystals. 3.3 oz jar.

Premium Red Wine Vinegar

One 8.45 oz bottle of premium red-wine vinegar, made exclusively from red grapes grown in the fertile Messinian Valley and throughout the Peloponnese.

Experience the distinct flavor of the Mediterranean with our Best-Dressed Greek Salad Gift Set. Savor the premium, authentic Greek ingredients that treat the taste buds to a fresh, vibrant burst of flavor! Give the gift of healthful Mediterranean cuisine!

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Your gift is securely wrapped to safeguard the shipping process and arrives presentation-ready in a gift box. A complimentary card with your personal message is included with your gift.

For Maximum Freshness, Please Note:The main three enemies of olive oil are heat, air, and light. You can help prolong the shelf life and maintain the quality of your olive oil by storing it in a dark, cool place and use the oil within a few months once opened.

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