GiftTree Story

GiftTree connects people. We help celebrate special occasions like holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. We help mark significant business milestones like closing deals and recognizing new partnerships. And we help express condolences when friends or family are grieving. GiftTree is here for you for any occasion that calls for a thoughtful and appropriate gift. We are both humbled by our role in helping people connect to each other and proud to be a part of it.

Is It Better to Give or to Receive?

With GiftTree, both! We’ve been discovering irresistible gourmet treasures, hidden-gem wines, and high-quality, unique gift baskets to create impeccable gifts since 1997. We launched the Giving Tree collection in 2022 to provide a line of exclusive gourmet gift boxes that support habitats and humanity—good gifts for great causes! Whether you choose to order online yourself or to work with one of our top-notch, experienced Gift Advisors, we strive to provide an exceptional experience for both the giver and the receiver. 

We Make Business Gifting Easy

GiftTree offers corporate gifting programs for corporations and businesses large and small. From gift selection and design through delivery confirmation, a dedicated Business Gift Advisor makes the business gift-buying experience easy and seamless. With our wide assortment of gifts to suit both budget and taste, many companies entrust GiftTree for all their business gifting needs. To keep connected with hard-working MVPs and VIP clients, send GiftTree!

Gift Baskets for 1 to 1000

No matter if you’re sending a Thinking-of-You gift basket to your best friend or coordinating a large-scale corporate gifting program for the holidays, GiftTree has the experience and know-how to help you leave a lasting impression.

Give with Confidence

GiftTree is at your service. No chatbots here! Just real people committed to creating exceptional gifts and an exceptional gifting experience. Our Gift Advisor professionals provide timely and exceptional customer service. 

Thank you for entrusting us to help build and renew your relationships with a gift from GiftTree.




Craig Bowen | Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Craig is GiftTree's Chairman of the Board and co-founder along with his wife, Esther Díez. As the principle owner of GiftTree, Craig embodies a passion for impeccable quality in food, wine, and product presentation. He has built a values-based company making sure every employee understands that to work at GiftTree means that you will embrace teamwork, ownership, and passion. Craig is a native of Washington and an alumnus of Arizona State University and the University of Washington. He is active in multiple charities, is fluent in Spanish, and loves frequent visits to the Iberian Peninsula.

Esther Díez 1962-2020 | Co-Founder and Executive Vice President

Esther passed away in February 2020 in Madrid, Spain. As the co-founder and owner of GiftTree with her husband Craig Bowen, Esther was the key operational leader within the company. Esther ensured all gifts were beautiful and made to exacting quality standards. When necessary, she assisted in production on the warehouse floor, adding her input and refined taste to our signature design elements. Esther was a driving force behind GiftTree’s core values of Teamwork, Ownership, and Passion. She was a brave and tireless campaigner for equal rights and opportunities for all human beings. To carry on her legacy, the company has added Equality to its core values. She held both an Undergraduate and Master’s Degree from the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. Esther was loved and adored by all that knew her. We will work tirelessly to honor her memory.

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