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Food and Wine Gift Baskets: Easy to Send and Sure to Delight

Need a thoughtful yet convenient gift for a special occasion? A gourmet food and wine gift basket from GiftTree isn't just a gift; it's a gorgeous tasting experience wrapped in a satin bow! Ordering these bountiful baskets is easier than ever, making it an ideal choice for last-minute gifts, long-distance celebrations, and even corporate gifting.

Why Choose Food and Wine Gift Baskets?

Food and wine gift baskets are always a welcome gift, perfect for foodies and wine lovers alike. They combine the best of gourmet foods with fine wines, presenting a curated experience that appeals to the palate and the senses. From artisanal cheeses and meats to luxurious confections paired with premium wines, these Wine Gift Baskets are designed to please a variety of tastes and preferences.

Benefits of Ordering with GiftTree

1. Online Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our easy-to-naviate online platforms allow you to choose from a wide array of options, all from the comfort of your favorite electronic device! Whether it's midnight or mid-day, you can place your order in just a few clicks. Your order includes a beautiful gift card, printed with your message. Not only do you get to add this personal touch, but your recipient won't have to hunt around in the packaging to figure out who sent the gift!

2. Generous Selection

One of our favorite parts about creating food and wine baskets is discovering unique and delicious hidden gems from all around the world! Every item found in our gourmet baskets - including the wine! - goes through a rigorous tasting panel. If we're not dazzled, it doesn't go in a GiftTree basket. Simple as that. The next step is finding just the right pairings for an exquisite tasting experience.

3. Customization Options

A personalized approach ensures your gift is both unique and tailored to the tastes of your gift recipient. Some of the gift items themselves can be monogrammed or engraved. Shop our complete collection of Personalized Gifts to see all the beautiful options. For our gift baskets, in addition to the complimentary gift card, we offer ribbon upgrades so you can print a personal message or even a corporate logo right on the ribbon! 

4. Legendary Customer Service

One of the biggest perks of ordering with GiftTree is our experienced Gift Advisor team. Our Gift Advisors are on hand to help you make a gift selection, to write the perfect message, and to assist with large corporate orders - whatever you may need to ensure a convenient and confident gifting experience. Whether you choose to call us, email with, or use online chat, we're here to help! (And no, we don't use chatbots. You'll interact with a real gifting expert if you choose online chat!)

5. Decades of Gift-Giving Experience

With nearly three decades in the online gift basket, GiftTree is renowned for our gourmet food selections, exclusive gift baskets, and gorgeous presentation. Over the years, we've learned how to ensure an amazing gifting experience. We design and curate beautiful gourmet food and wine gift baskets so the recipient is nothing short of thrilled. And we've worked hard to create a streamlined gifting experience for the giver. Send GIftTree and give with confidence!

Impress with the Best!

Food and wine gift baskets are a luxurious, thoughtful way to celebrate important moments. Thanks to the ease of our online ordering, sending a gourmet gift is more convenient than ever. Whether for personal or professional occasions, these baskets are sure to impress with their elegant pairing of fine foods and exquisite wines. So why wait? Browse our options online and find the perfect gourmet gift today.

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