As Good As Gold Gift Basket with Wine

Gourmet Gift Baskets: Premium Food & Wine Pairings for Every Occasion

When it comes to gifting, nothing says sophistication and thoughtfulness quite like a carefully chosen wine gift. Whether you’re celebrating an important milestone, expressing gratitude, or simply looking to impress a wine enthusiast, a wine gift basket is the perfect choice. GiftTree offers a generous selection of wine gift baskets that feature some of the most popular varietals. Each gift is designed to impress and hand packaged for a perfect unboxing experience.

Why Choose Wine Gifts?

When it comes to pleasing a wine lover, wine gifts are ideal for any occasion. They offer a blend of luxury for the recipient and convenience for you. Whether your recipient is a seasoned wine connoisseur or a more casual enthusiast, a wine gift is always appreciated. 

A wine basket is a versatile choice that can be tailored to suit any occasion. From birthdays and anniversaries to corporate events and holiday celebrations - you can choose the perfect basket. And GiftTree offers a personalized ribbon upgrade so you can match the ribbon to the occasion. In addition, we include a nicely crafted gift card that we'll print with your personal greeting.

The best part is, we've done our homework! We carefully select the wines we offer in our gift baskets to ensure great options at a variety of price points. Some of the most popular varietals include Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. And, of course, a nice selection of classic Red Blends from California wine country.

Wine Selections for the Perfect Gift

When selecting a wine gift basket, consider the different wines that are available as well as the recipient's preferences. 

Red Wine Is Divine 

Cabernet Sauvignon is a favorite among red wine lovers. With its full body flavor and enticing aroma, this wine pairs well with heartier dishes. This is the classic pairing for a celebratory steak dinner. Pinot Noir, on the other hand, is a light to medium body varietal that offers a complex yet versatile flavor profile. It complements a variety of foods, such as salmon, roast pork, and lamb. A Red Blend showcases the winemaker's ability to create a unique and harmonious wine from a variety of red grapes. These wines are typically quite balanced and appeal to a variety of palates. Perfect for gifting! 

On the Lighter Side

Similarly, Chardonnay is a great match for a variety of foods, including seafood, chicken, and creamy pastas. Chardonnay wines range from crisp and fruity to rich and buttery. Rosé wines are known for their refreshing and fruity flavors. They are perfect for warm weather and al fresco dining. A bottle of Rosé pairs nicely with lighter foods, such as salads, seafood, and grilled vegetables.

Wines That Sparkle

Sometimes, the occasion calls for a toast. In this case, we suggest you check out our collection of Champagne Gift Baskets for some lovely gift ideas featuring sparkling wines.

Top Wine Gift Baskets

Here's a sampling of some of our top wine gift baskets that are sure to impress any wine lover.

Town & Country Flair

The Hampton's Country Estate Wine Basket is a three-bottle wine gift that includes a generous assortment of gourmet treats like artisan cheeses and meats, crackers, and delicious confections. This gift, featuring a classic picnic hamper, is a popular choice with a five star rating from our customers!

Hampton's Country Estate Wine Basket

Elegant & Sophisticated

Another five-star favorite is the 5th Avenue Classic Wine Basket. We've surrounded a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon with an incredible selection of luxury gourmet treats. Plus the chic vegan leather tray makes a great keepsake!

The 5th Avenue Classic Wine Gift Basket

Twice as Nice

One of our own favorite wine gifts is the Toast of California Wine Basket, which features both a notable Chardonnay and an excellent Pinot Noir. But don't take our word for it. This basket also boasts a five star rating from our customers! Send a sampling of some of California wine country's finest with this handsome gourmet food and wine gift basket.

Toast of California Wine Basket

Enjoy the Convenience of Wine Gift Delivery

One of the best aspects of choosing wine gift baskets online is the convenience of gift delivery. With just a few clicks, you'll have a beautifully hand-packaged gift delivered right to the door. We'll ensure that your gift arrives in perfect condition and at the right time, making it a hassle-free option for any occasion.

Send GiftTree and Let Us Take Care of the Details

Wine gifts and wine gift baskets are an excellent way to show appreciation, celebrate milestones, and make a memorable impression. With our high-quality wines, sumptuous gourmet picks, and convenient gift delivery, you can be sure your beautifully packaged gift will be well-received and remembered. Explore our collection of wine gift baskets to find the perfect gift for any occasion and delight the wine lovers in your life.

To browse our selection of premium food and wine pairings, visit our Wine Gift Baskets collection. And cheers to thoughtful and convenient gifting!

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