Premium Party Starter Wine Bundle

"Just Stay for Dinner!"

You add more lettuce to the salad and commandeer tomorrow's dinner rolls into service. The lasagna portions are a little smaller and there won't be leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thankfully, you have a few wine trios from our Wine Bundles collection stashed in the pantry and the Cabernet will be perfect!

Dinner is a little different than you planned . . . but the moment is second to none.

Do you even remember the impromptu dinner invitation? It seems to have been lost in the frenetic pace of this overscheduled, under-connected digital era.

But a small family dinner with the usual suspects (itself a lovely thing) can easily be transformed into something totally spontaneous and totally special. It's all about making the moment.

You hit it off with the new neighbors who stopped by to say hello. Your in-laws drop off the power washer they borrowed last week. Maybe your best friend seems to need a little together time.

Go ahead and ask! "Why don't you just stay for dinner?"

With a little purposeful stocking, you can always find another chicken breast in the freezer to toss on the grill or an assortment of crackers, olives, and nuts from the pantry to put out for a quick appetizer. And when it comes to stocking your wine cellar, GiftTree has you covered! For example, with the Premium Party Starter wine bundle on hand, you'll always have a great selection of wines to pour.

And, hey. If it's the day before your weekly grocery shopping trip, just get a pizza delivered. No judgement here.

It's been a rough few years. Relationships need tending. People need to connect and belong. Sharing a meal—breaking bread together—is an ancient, sacred ritual central to our humanity.

So here's to humanity. And here's to moments of serendipitous fun that keep us connected.

Invite someone to stay for dinner. And if you’re invited to dinner, just say yes!

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