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Send a Sophisticated Wine Gift Basket Today

Looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover in your life? Consider sending a beautiful wine gift basket filled with tasty gourmet snacks. This thoughtful gift is sure to impress and delight any recipient. And when it comes to the best wine gift baskets, GiftTree has so many to choose from!

Choose the Right Wine

When it comes to sending a wine gift basket, the first consideration is the wine. Do you want to send one perfect bottle of wine or a basket that features a selection of wines? When selecting the wine for your gift basket, consider the recipient's preferences. Do they prefer a rich red wine like a layered Cabernet Sauvignon or a refined white, such as a creamy Chardonnay? With GiftTree, you'll find a variety of options that will impress and delight.

Go Gourmet All the Way!

In addition to the wine, the selection of gourmet snacks in the gift basket is key. We pair the wine with complementary treats such as artisan cheeses and meats, crackers and spiced nuts, rich and velvety chocolates, indulgent confections, and more. These gourmet accompaniments enhance the wine tasting experience and really round out the gift experience.

Personalize the Presentation

Make the gift basket extra special by personalizing the presentation. Each of our gift baskets includes a handsome crafted card that we'll print with your personal message. We also include a gorgeous satin ribbon that you can upgrade to a custom ribbon. We'll print the satin ribbon with your own 45-character message! Go ahead and get creative!

Consider the Occasion

Be sure to think about the occasion when choosing a wine gift basket. Is it for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or special celebration? Tailor the selection of wine and snacks to suit the occasion and make the gift even more meaningful. Whether it's for a friend, family member, colleague, or client, a present from our Wine Gift Baskets collection is a thoughtful and elegant gift that they'll both appreciate and enjoy!

Add Elegant Packaging

As you know, presentation is key when it comes to gift-giving. Each of our gifts is designed to impress. We start with exclusive gift containers worthy of keepsake status. Whether it's a woven picnic hamper or a sleek vegan leather tray, we start with a solid foundation to build beautiful gifts. Each GiftTree wine basket is hand packaged to arrive in beautiful condition for the ultimate unboxing experience.

Make It GiftTree

A beautiful wine gift basket with gourmet snacks is sure to impress any wine enthusiast. This thoughtful and elegant gift choice is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or any celebration. Give the gift of luxury and indulgence with a beautifully curated wine gift basket from GiftTree.

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