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The Best Gifts for Every Type of Mom 2024

Find the Perfect Gift for Mom 2024

This year, Mother's Day is May 12th. This special Sunday in May is when we celebrate the woman—or women—in our lives who make us better people. She may go by mom, mama, mother. Or maybe she’s someone with a different high-impact role in your life like coach or aunt or even your neighbor, Mrs. Jackson. No matter what you call this wonderful and influential person in your life, don’t miss the opportunity to tell her how much she means to you on Mother’s Day.

Choosing just the right gift can sometimes be overwhelming. So, we’ve created this Mother’s Day Gift Guide so you can consider some different ideas to find just the right gift for Mother’s Day and the mom or “mom” you want to celebrate. 

For the Sentimental Mom

For the sentimental mom, personalization and keepsake potential are key things to look for in a Mother’s Day gift. If she still has the macaroni necklace you made in first grade, you definitely have a sentimental mom. She’ll love having something to remember the moment even after her special day has passed. Whether you choose to create a handcrafted gift, to give her a monogrammed gift, or to adorn one of our gourmet gift baskets with a ribbon imprinted with your own special words, you can be sure she's going to cherish it.

For the “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” Mom

On the other hand, for the mom who says your love is all she needs, consider a consumable gift. She may really love a gift card for a dinner out. Or even a Mother’s Day brunch! We have a great collection of Mother's Day Brunch enhancements to shop. Similarly, a gift card to her favorite spa is a nice option. Or consider one of our spa gift baskets for some self-care she can enjoy right at home. Flowers are also a great option here. A fresh flower arrangement will brighten a room with color and scent for a few days. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a gift she’ll really enjoy AND the fact that she doesn’t have to figure out where to keep it long term.

Gifts for Moms Who Like to “Share and Share Alike”

Many moms fall into this category because generosity seems to be a common characteristic of moms. Their joy comes from bringing joy to others. A gift basket overflowing with fresh fruit, gourmet treats, or a combination of both is the perfect way to celebrate this mom. She’ll love the opportunity to share her gift basket with everyone around her and, hopefully, enjoy a few of the treats herself.

Make It Personal for Mom

Most of all, your mom just wants to hear from you. If you’re sending a card for Mother’s Day, consider writing your own personal message rather than relying on someone else’s pre-printed sentiment. She’ll love it because she’ll appreciate the thought and time you put into finding your own words. If you’re sending GiftTree, all our gifts include an opportunity to include a personal message because our gifts come with a gorgeous complimentary notecard. For some tips on writing your own message, we’re here to help! Check out our blog post: How to Write the Perfect Mother's Day Card.

GiftTree Is Here to Help!

At GiftTree, we’re here to help you find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. And, when you choose GiftTree, we’ll deliver your thoughtful gift right to her doorstep! For these gift ideas and more, visit our Mother’s Day Gifts collection. Shop today for best selection!


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