Chef's Choice Picnic Basket

The Complete Checklist for Your Picnic Basket

When it comes to the chef's choice for the ultimate picnic, two things lead the way. A thoughtful menu and all the necessary refinements for a fantastic al fresco experience. And picnic season is almost here! Memorial Day marks the start of summertime fun. The days are stretching out longer, our schedules tend to lighten up a bit, and Mother Nature has some her finest blooms on display. Nothing celebrates summertime better than a picnic in the park. Tempted to get out in the fresh air? Here is your complete checklist so you can pack an amazing picnic experience!

Everything Tastes Better Outdoors

Let's start with the menu and here's where GiftTree can help! Our Epicurean Cheese  and Charcuterie Gifts collection features a variety of delicious picnic menu ideas. Some, like the Chef's Choice Picnic Basket and the Select Cheese & Charcuterie Picnic Basket, even come in a classic wicker picnic hamper that makes a lovely keepsake! Another amazing option is to select an option that includes a bottle of wine for an over-the-top picnic experience. From artisan meats and cheeses to splurge-worthy confections, discover the perfect picnic basket menu and get it delivered right to your door for the ultimate convenience! Or you can visit your favorite markets and collect your own delicious picnic foods. One thing is for certain. Enjoying a meal outside really heightens our senses, making all your picnic foods taste even better!

Keep It Cool and Comfortable

Once you have your menu figured out, it's time to round out the preparations with all the supplies you'll need for a fun and comfortable time. As promised, here is your complete picnic basket checklist! 

  • Lightweight Basket, Tote, or Cooler: Start with organization. You'll want an easy way to carry all your picnic food and supplies. Look for something that's lightweight, waterproof, and durable. 
  • Blanket/Beach Towel/Tablecloth: Anything that’s large and easy to launder makes a great picnic blanket! If you don't already, consider keeping an over-sized beach towel in your car so you're always prepared for an impromptu picnic.
  • Sun Protection: Sun safety is paramount. You'll want to pack some combination of sunscreen and, if you're not headed to a shady spot, either an umbrellas or a pop-up shelter.
  • Paper Towels: A generous supply of paper towels can serve double duty for both clean-up tasks and as napkins. It's not a proven fact, but our theory is that the more paper towels you have on hand, the less likely you are to have any spills!
  • Moist Towelettes or Baby Wipes: If kids, sauces, or both are in the picture, you’ll need these - especially if you won't have access to running water at your chosen picnic venue.
  • Plates, Cups, and Utensils: Be sure to review your menu to ensure you'll have just the right serving pieces. Lightweight and reusable is the earth-friendly way to go!
  • Cutting Knife, Small Cutting Board: If you're not precutting, you'll need to have the necessary tools for prep work. Things like fruit, cheese, and charcuterie require a little bit of advance planning.
  • Corkscrew or Bottle Opener: If your picnic includes beer or wine, remember to pack the appropriate openers!
  • Ice Packs or a Bag of Ice: It's important to keep your food at the right temperature. Here's a favorite PRO-TIP: freeze a few water bottles or juice boxes ahead of time so they can do double duty, first keeping your food cold and then quenching your thirst!
  • Drinks: Speaking of drinks, avoid carrying glass if you can and remember to pack plenty of water. If your picnic partners include four-legged friends, be sure to pack water and a bowl for them too!
  • Salt, Pepper, and Condiments: This is the perfect occasion to check your kitchen drawer for all those packets you've amassed from carry-outs and home delivery meals.
  • A Trash Bag: Finally, be sure to pack a bag so you can properly take care of all your trash. 

 The Best Part of a Picnic Is Enjoying Your Company 

From a simple spread of PBJs and bananas with the family to an elaborate afternoon date with gourmet fare and fine wine, picnics are a wonderful summertime tradition. No company? No problem! Maybe your ideal picnic includes a book and a moment of solitude in nature. No matter how you choose to enjoy your picnic, with a moment of preparation and our handy picnic basket checklist, you're going to have a great time!

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