Encore Gourmet Gift Basket

Welcome New Employees with a Gourmet Gift Basket

Start Employee Appreciation on Day 1!

Getting a new job is an exciting time—especially that very first job that launches a career. But from the employee’s perspective, onboarding with a new employer can be a long process. The thrill of a new job can get lost among the administrative tasks like paperwork, orientation, and maybe even relocation.

Premium Grade Fruit and Cookies Gift Basket

Don’t miss out on the very first opportunity to develop a positive work culture. Welcome new employees with a thoughtful gift! Remember, the first day of work celebrates their choice to come and work with your company!

Welcome Gift Ideas for New Employees

A new hire might really appreciate a selection from our Gourmet Gift Baskets collection waiting on their desk on the first day of work. What a welcoming sight! Anyone traveling to HQ for a final interview or orientation might enjoy finding a hearty charcuterie gift box or even a basket of fresh fruit and baked goods in the hotel room so they can fuel up after long days of back-to-back meetings. That new team member joining a work-from-home project will feel connected and appreciated with a branded gift that sports the company logo.

Tea Time Gift Set

No matter how you choose to welcome new team members, the point is to reach out and connect. Let new hires know that you’re glad to have them on the team and as excited as they are about the new business relationship. And that the mountain of paperwork and hours of onboarding videos are worth it!

GiftTree Makes Business Gifts Easy

With nearly 30 years of experience in business gifting, we have lots of great ideas for employee welcome gifts. And our Business Gift Advisors are available by phone or chat to help you with selection and ordering. From a single business gift delivered to the office to a large bulk order going to multiple addresses, we handle the details to ensure your beautifully packaged gift arrives on time, at the doorstep, and in perfect condition.

Starting a new job entails a long checklist of tasks for both employer and employee. Keep the excitement alive for your new hires by adding employee welcome gifts to your onboarding checklist!

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