5 Key Steps to Write the Best Thank You Note

5 Key Steps to Write the Best Thank You Note

Whether you're sending a personal thank you note or a professional one, crafting the right message is a straightforward task. But sometimes, for whatever reason, the task can feel overwhelming and - worst case scenario - never get done. Here are the 5 key steps to take to create a meaningful thank you note.

1. Send a Timely Thank You Note

When it comes to when to sending a thank you note, the sooner the better! While etiquette experts may weigh in on what length of delay is acceptable, the best practice is to send a thank you note as soon as possible. The benefit of acting quickly is that the event is fresh in your mind so you can add meaningful details to your note and the moment is fresh in the recipient's mind so they'll have context. In addition, they'll be impressed with your prompt action!

2. Error on the Side of Formal

The tone of your thank you note is important. Especially if you're sending a thank you note in a business setting, error on the side of being too formal rather than not formal enough. Opt for a clear and simple message of appreciation. There's no need to try to be clever or witty. Just grateful. While a hand-written thank you note is the gold standard in appreciation, circumstances may require a digital note. If your thank you note will be by email, be sure to include all the elements of a more formal written note. 

3. Include Three Important Elements

In addition to an appropriate greeting and your signature, the note should include these three important elements. The more detail you can include, the better! Details will make the note more personal and show that you took the time to craft a meaningful message. Simply complete these prompts:

  • Thank you for . . .
  • It means a lot to me because . . .
  • I appreciate your [time/effort/thinking of me/business partnership/etc.]

4. Proofread!

Take a moment to give your thank you note a once over. Even if you're using spell check. The most important thing to check is that you've spelled their name correctly. 

5. Send It

Believe it or not, some people get hung up on this step and all that time and effort completing the first four steps is for nothing. Whether sending your thank you note means finding a stamp and dropping a hand-written card in the mail or hitting the "send" button, make sure you cross the finish line so you can cross this important task off of your to-do list. Chances are that the person you are thanking is someone you want to leave with a positive impression. It can be an intimidating task, but in the end, the best thank you note is simply the one that you actually send!

When the Occasion Calls for a Thank You Gift

While a thank you note will usually suffice, sometimes you just want to do something more or the occasion may call for thank you gift. Examples might be the ongoing generosity of a senior colleague who has turned into a mentor or a teacher who has gone above and beyond for the entire school year. Or a single gesture itself might be so significant that you want to do something special to express your appreciation. When the occasion calls for it, consider sending a beautiful gift basket from GiftTree. Explore our Thank You Gift Baskets collection and discover the ultimate gesture of gratitude. We'll hand-pack your gift of thanks and send it right to their office or home. For a convenient and thoughtful gift to show your thanks, send GiftTree!

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