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The Best Retirement Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Job Well Done

Retirement is such an important occasion. It’s the ultimate celebration of a job well done. Choosing just the right retirement gift to send can be overwhelming. So, we created this retirement gift guide to help you sort through some of our best gourmet gift ideas based on who you’re shopping for.

Retiring Wine Lovers Are Easy to Shop For

First, let’s talk about the known wine lover. They’re usually pretty easy to spot. Maybe their monthly wine club shipment was delivered right to the office for the past few years. Or you’ve witnessed them do a well-practiced swirl, sniff, and swish to that first glass of wine at dinner. The good news is that this retiree is easy to shop for!

With time to sit back and savor a gourmet experience, the retiring wine lover might really enjoy a wine basket. And GiftTree has so many to choose from with price points to suit any budget. From a wine basket from our $50 to $100 price range to the opulent 5-bottle Versailles gift basket, you’re sure to find the perfect retirement gift for a wine lover among our wine baskets.

Another great idea is a wine crate. For example, a Champagne Toast Crate, complete with two crystal flutes, creates the perfect “toastable” moment.  Or choose a handsome single- or multi-bottle wine crate. For the most discerning of wine lovers, visit GiftTree’s Reserve Cellar where you’ll find a collection of iconic and rare luxury wines.

Retirement Gift Ideas for the Sentimental Retiree

The sentimental retiree decorates with family photos and hand-made knickknacks. Maybe they’ve shown up once or twice wearing a colorful grandchild-crafted macaroni necklace. In the digital realm, you may have noticed that they chose a beloved pet for their avatar or screen saver. The sentimental retiree is all about remembering special people and occasions. 

So, when it comes to the sentimental retiree, we suggest a personalized keepsake gift. From personalized barware to monogrammed upscale leather journals, consider a Personalized Gift and create an attractive memento to celebrate their retirement.

The Most Versatile Retirement Gift Ideas

Finally, the catch-all category for retirement gift ideas is gourmet gift baskets. They offer great solutions for certain gifting scenarios. For the person who has everything, send an overflowing gift basket full of sweets and savories to enjoy. The retiree who is already talking about downsizing might appreciate the thought behind a tasty gift they can enjoy and don’t have to store or move later. And then there’s the retiree who you want to honor, but you’re not quite sure of their personal taste. A gift basket is a welcome gift that offers so many different treats that some are sure to hit the mark. 

A classic gift basket is just the thing to send to a retiree in these situations. Choose all sweets like the Broadway Chocolatier, all savories in a cheese and charcuterie hamper, or a combination of both sweets and savories in one of our epic gourmet gift baskets.

Don’t Forget the Details

No matter what retirement gift you choose to send, it’s all in the presentation. If the gift is for a retiring co-worker, gather the team for a farewell photo to include with the gift. Elevate your gift with beautiful wrapping or a festive ribbon. Be sure to add a thoughtful card with a note to offer your congratulations. Package the gift securely for transport, especially if it includes wine or glassware! Then it’s ready to send.

Or, in the alternative, simply choose a gift from GiftTree and leave the details to us. With nearly 30 years of gifting experience, we know just how to design and deliver extraordinary retirement gifts.






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