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Celebrate Love

Growing up, my best friend, Patrick, lived two houses away. So most days, I ran past Mrs. Green's house multiple times. There in her flowerbed, nestled among the Lillies of the Valley, was a small, wrought iron plaque.

There is beauty in the sunlight
And the soft blue heavens above
Oh the world is full of beauty
When the heart is full of love

How many times did I read this poem that I can still recite it to this day? 

If you've got love in your life, you've got beauty. And that's a wonderful thing! Despite the hustle and bustle around you, don't forget to cherish every relationship. Whether it's romantic love or your love for family and friends, love is for celebrating.

Celebrating love can be marking important life milestones together. For example, celebrate a favorite couple or your partner with a timely delivery from our Anniversary Gift Baskets collection. We've curated a beautiful collection of meaningful gifts to commemorate another year of steadfast love. Other milestones we acknowledge such as graduations, housewarmings, birthdays, and even memorial services are also important celebrations of love. 

Quality time together is another way to celebrate love. Life is busy so prioritizing time together is an important way to keep connected. Shared experiences - whether taking time out for a simple cup of coffee or taking an elaborate weekend getaway - can create lasting memories and strengthen your relationship.

To keep connected with a friend or family member across the miles, a regular phone call or video chat can help bridge the gap. You can even go old school and mail a hand-picked card. Or check out our Thinking of You Gift Baskets collection that we'll deliver right to their door. An unexpected gift is another thoughtful way to reach out to brighten their day and celebrate your relationship!

Finally, simply being grateful is a celebration of love. For the parents who selflessly raised you, for the friends who accept you just how you are, or the partner who stays by your side through thick and thin . . . sharing your gratitude can be important to honoring your love.

Remember the joy of celebrating love and make every day a beautiful one.






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